The world is a book and those who do not travel
read only one page.

Saint Augustine


Twenty Years From Now
You Will Be More Disappointed By
The Things You Didn’t Do
Than By The Ones You Did Do.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

We create friendships, facilitating travel

because we exceed our client`s expectations by dedicating all our know-how at their service
making each travel unique, exclusive and timeless.

Traveller Private Concierge

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From a simple airline ticket to Paris to a trip around the world, we show each destination’s potential without restrictions, always relying on the trust and confidence that our clients bestow on us and with a team 100% devoted to fulfill your dreams.

We achieve the unthinkable!

Lounge is about

Passion . Trust . Happiness . Persistence . Excellence

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Commitement | Work | Happiness



Passion | Discover | Share



Knowledge | Share | Dedication



Freedom | Adventure | Fun



Curiosity | Dedication | Optimism



Relax | Adventure | Culture

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Commitement | Comunication | Nature

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Effort | Integrity | Respect

The Traveller


Photo by Amansara, Cambodia


The Dreams Alchemist

It doesn´t matter what time it is. It’s never late for me.

Sitting at the airport in Zurich, I wait for the call that will take me home. Meanwhile my mind is lost in thoughts …I feel the tiredness, typical of those who live between airports, between worlds where all realities touch each other.

In the meantime the heavy rain outside rocks my thoughts and perhaps this is the reason why I don´t feel like reading or reviewing images from the last journeys.

While I sip into this hot tea, I feel the energy buzz of this big airport and I let myself thinking … I still have some time left until my flight and yet I don´t feel like being “entrapped” in another VIP Room, full of busy businessmen.

After another voyage, where once again I’ve lived unique experiences, I long for arriving to my next destination: Home.

Travelling is addictive, it’s the oportunity of knowing new worlds, enjoying unique experiences, feeling that parallel realities exist. It has become a vice for me. Definitely a worthwhile investment, and surely my greatest fortune.

I travel the world almost without stopping, finding out not who I am, but what is our planet exactly, who inhabits it, what we all have in common and what we have not.

Over time I’ve learned that I never carry much luggage. I travel with the essentials only. What I bring with me (apart from the analog camera films) doesn’t take much space. I’ve changed a lot over the years. Everything I have traveled undoubtably determined what I am today.

And yet I can barely wait for the moment when I’ll step out of the Airport and see Gabriel, my protector, the one who takes care of my house while I’m away, my driver, my assistant, the one that I trust.

I travel in search for new experiences, different cultures and creative ways of living. I feel that although I am just a small piece, I certainly play a part on the universe.

Tolerance and respect towards others is now part of my DNA and my search is always aiming to discover those places that almost nobody knows.

And no, I never feel alone, our planet has an immensity of people willing to share knowledge and different ways of seeing the world, and with my silence I allow myself to absorb the maximum, to enrich myself, awakening a new Me.

As I get up, I button my coat and take the backpack to catch the plane home I stop and think of how lucky I am.

My job? I´m a Dreams Alchemist.

"We’re inspired by the true meaning of making dreams come true, and we’re absolutely passionate about delivering our clients the most unique, special and authentic destinations the World has to offer.
We create unique and timeless life experiences. “

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We create the best travel memories in each of those who give us the privilege of being part of their lives and their stories.


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